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Common Questions

I hope these answers ease some nervousness and help you feel more ready for our sessions

What can I expect from the initial session?

The initial 1-2 sessions will look a little different than the sessions going forward. The first sessions are used to gather information and understand your goals and hopes for therapy. You can expect that I will ask a lot of questions so I may have a big picture idea of you and your life. There may be things you do not feel comfortable talking about when we first meet. I understand that; you can share what you are comfortable with.

Who does the talking?

We both will! You will not be expected to fill the entire session while I sit in silence. And no, the session will not be filled with me preaching to you either. It is a collaborative process where together we can build a foundation that will help you outside of our sessions into your life.

What is the length of sessions?

Individual sessions last 45-50 minutes.
Family sessions last 60 minutes.
We encourage you to be on time and arrange your schedule so that you may be able to commit to the full session. This will help you get the most of out of your session. We do accept 30 minute sessions on a case by case basis.

Do I accept insurance?


I am currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance and private pay.



I do not; there are a few reasons I and many other therapists do not accept insurance, and I would like to share why so that you may decide what you prefer.

The big benefit with using insurance is that they may cover a portion of the fee. This may depend on your copay, if you have met your deductible, and the mental health benefits provided by your insurance. You would also need to meet criteria for a mental health diagnosis.

Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis for insurance to cover the payment. If I were to take insurance, I would be required to assign you a mental health diagnosis that would go on your permanent health record. Some people are not comfortable with this and the potential impact it may have. Insurance companies also determine the amount of sessions we have. This is based off of a summary I am required to provide insurance that shares what we are working on, why you still need to be in therapy, how things are getting better, but not so good that you do not need therapy anymore. To me, therapy is a lot more nuanced than that. I want us to be able to determine how are sessions are going and when you are ready to leave. Not someone else. I want to maintain your privacy and meet your needs without outside influences.

I work with others who do accept insurance. If you would like to use your insurance, I can help you find someone to see.

What is the expected investment without insurance?

Individual sessions are $150.
Family Sessions are $155.
There is a $5 discount if paying by check or cash. 

What forms of payment do I take?

 We accept debit and credit cards, FSA and HSA cards, cash, and check payable to Credo Counseling, LLC.

Are there cancellation fees?

We understand things come up and there are times you will need to cancel. We want you to be able to keep your hard earned money so please cancel within 24 hours. Sessions cancelled less than 24 hours will be charged half the session fee.

What are office hours?

Kensley is currently in the office on Monday - Thursday with varied hours.

Tyler is currently in the office Monday - Thursday with varied hours.

Book online to see our current openings.

Do I require a mental health diagnosis for a session?

Since Kensley does not take insurance, you do not have to have a mental health diagnosis to be able to attend sessions.

If using insurance, a mental health diagnosis will be required.

Are there snacks?

In fact, there are! We try to have homemade cookies in the office every week. We also have coffee, tea, and water in our lobby. Due to COVID, cookies are unfortunately not offered currently. However, we do still have drinks and packaged snacks.

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